Large-scale ore grinding mill have high output, wide application, outstanding performance in actual production, and are deeply loved by users.

The ore grinding mill is an early mill equipment. After years of application and improvement, today’s ore mill has stable performance, reliable quality, and cheaper prices. The large-scale ore grinding machine can grind the powder with a particle size of 80-325 mesh, which can meet the grinding needs of most users. If the user needs more fine powder, you can choose a ultra-fine ore grinding mill, and the finished product can reach 2500 mesh.

In fact, the data such as the mesh number and output of the ore grinding mill given by the manufacturer is only a relatively average value. In fact, the type, humidity, hardness of the material is different, the operating environment is different, and the actual production operation is different. The grain size of the finished product is affected. Moreover, the ore grinding mills of different manufacturers are different in material selection, design, workmanship, etc. It is possible that the data of large brands of manufacturers are more accurate, and there are also some manufacturers that have a large difference in the fineness of the finished equipment. It is recommended that you choose when choosing You can bring the raw materials to the manufacturer to inspect and test the machine, and you can see how the finished product is at a glance, so you can better choose and screen.

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