Bearings are an important part of Raymond grinding operations. In the production of grinding powder, the bearings are mainly subjected to the pressure in the production of Raymond mills. Therefore, Raymond bearings are very easy to wear parts in the machine, and sometimes Because the temperature of the bearing is too high and the equipment is faulty, what factors will cause the Raymond mill to heat up the bearing during the long-term grinding operation. How can this be solved? The following is a small series for everyone to analyze.

The cause of the increase in Raymond mill temperature is in terms of operation and maintenance. First of all, the quality of the equipment must pass, followed by the professional maintenance of the Raymond machine, such as the use of lubricating oil, so that the Raymond machine can be operated at all times, thus prolonging the service life of the ultra-fine grinding. Because Raymond mills work, not only the friction between the material and the Raymond machine components, but also the friction between the components, the lubricant is used to reduce the frictional resistance between the components, thus reducing Wear between the various accessories and reduce the appearance of heat.

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