Raymond Mill is also known as the Raymond Machine, Raymond grinding Mill or Raymond roller Mill. This machine has a small footprint and low cost and energy consumption. It is commonly used in mineral chemicals, building materials and other industries, and is also one of the important equipment for processing non-metallic minerals. After continuous development, the machine is becoming more and more popular in the market, and the output is very impressive, which plays an important role in small and medium-sized production lines. So what are the models of Raymond Mills, and how do we choose them? These are the issues to be considered. Let’s analyze them.

GK type Raymond mill currently has several types of GK1280,GK1500, GK1620A, GK1720A, GK2150and GK2500.

The model of Raymond Mill is so difficult to choose at first glance. In fact, as long as you analyze your needs and budget, location and other factors, you can still choose the right machine. If you are really entangled, Guikuang can be based on your Ask to help you configure a complete set of satisfactory equipment at a reasonable price.

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