Kaolin, also known as dolomite, has good plasticity and fire resistance. With the advancement of China’s mineral powder material processing technology, kaolin has been widely used and processed into powders of different meshes, which can be used in plastics, papermaking, and petrochemicals. And new industries, the market prospect is broad. Recently, many users have consulted which milling machine with 325-mesh kaolin grindnig mill is effective. This article introduces this in detail.
What kind of mill is good for 325 mesh kaolin grinding mill?
There are many types of kaolin mills on the market. Here we take GK as an example. There are Raymond mills and high-pressure Raymond mills that can achieve 325 purposes.
Also known as GKM Raymond mill, it is a more commonly used kaolin grinding mill. The finished product has a particle size of 80-325 mesh and a high pass rate. The 99% pass rate makes other milling equipment “unmatched”.
The reason why it is called a high-pressure Raymond mill is that a high-pressure spring with a pressure of 1000-1500 kg is mounted on the ring of the grinding roller. The pressure is several times that of other mills under the same conditions. The quality of the finished powder is higher, and zero. Parts are wear-resistant, have a long life and low energy consumption.
The above two types of mills are divided into many models below. Each model has different production capacity and output fineness, and the price is also different. Choose just the right equipment according to your needs, which can meet the demand without excessive investment. In the case of relatively low investment, it is appropriate to meet production needs. If you are still choosing, you can come to GK manufacturers to learn about it. GK machines have been focusing on milling equipment for more than 48 years. Superb research and development technology + rigorous process + perfect after-sales service have made GK win the trust of many customers in the milling industry in China Has a place in China, click on the free consultation now to find out!

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