Talc is a silicate with low hardness and soft feel. It is widely distributed in China. At present, there are many talc grinding mill equipment for grinding talc into powder. However, judging from the fineness and application effect of finished products, talc powder processed by vertical grinding has been highly recognized in the industry and is the preferred equipment for people in the industry.



In terms of talc value, talc is generally ground into talc powder of 80-2500 mesh. It can be used as multi-purpose objects such as raw materials, papermaking, cables and rubber. It is not only widely used in the industry, but also has high application value and multiple effects.


The grinding equipment designed, developed and produced by Guikuang has advanced structure and wear-resistant materials inside. It ensures that 80-2500 mesh talc powder can be ground in the grinding process. At the same time, it has high grinding efficiency, uniform discharge particle size and high purity and whiteness of products. It is a talc grinding equipment loved by many countries.




GKLM vertical roller mill


GKLM vertical mill is 80-600 mesh talc grinding equipment. It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading and transportation. The whole system has few equipment and compact structure layout, and the floor area is only 50% of that of the ball mill. It can build a site in the open air, directly reduce the investment cost of enterprises, and the hourly production capacity can reach up to 200 tons.




GKLM super-fine vertical grinding mill equipment


GKLM superfine vertical grinding mill equipment is 325-2500 mesh talc grinding equipment. When the secondary classification system is used, the fineness is up to 3μM (3000 mesh), advanced system, strong production capacity, and the maximum production capacity is 40 tons per hour. It adopts PLC automatic control system to realize remote control in the process of talc grinding, so as to provide customers with reliable and stable production performance. The equipment operates under full negative pressure and is matched with dust removal system, which has good energy-saving and environmental protection effect.

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