The waste of titanium dioxide plant belongs to one kind of solid waste. The vertical roller mill has been used for solid waste treatment , and the equipment has introduced foreign advanced technology. It is a set of crushing, drying, grinding, classification, transportation as one of the advanced grinding equipment with high efficiency and energy saving.




vertical roller mill:




*Disc diameter*:1000-52400mm




*Moisture content of feed material*:≤5%




*Capacity *:4-40t/h




*Product fineness*:10-45 μ The secondary classification of m-match can reach 5 μ m




*Application filed*:It is widely used in papermaking, coating, plastics, rubber, pigment, ink, PVC and other fields of production and life.




*Applicable materials*:It has high capacity and high efficiency for grinding of various nonmetallic mineral materials with Morse hardness below 7 and humidity less than 6%. For example, limestone, calcite, marble, heavy calcium, kaolin, barite, bentonite, pyrophyllite and other grinding effects are good.

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