The technological process of ultra-fine vertical mill includes crushing, grinding, grading, powder collecting and so on. It is scientific and reasonable, stable operation of equipment, reliable performance, is to meet the kaolin grinding project of special equipment.


Crushing:Crusher crushing raw ore, in line with the feed size.


Grinding powder:The milled materials enter into the grinding roller table. Under the pressure of the grinding roller, the materials are crushed by extrusion, grinding and shearing.


Classifying:The wind blows from the wind ring around the grinding disc at high speed and evenly upward. The milled material is blown up by the high-speed air flow at the wind ring, and the coarse-grained material is blown back to the grinding plate for regrinding, and the fine powder is brought into the classification machine by the wind for classification.


Collecting Powder:The qualified fine powder flows out of the mill with the gas and is collected by the dust collection equipment as the product. The unqualified powder will fall into the grinding plate again and be grinded with the newly fed material until it is qualified.


Welcome to grinding mill kaolin powder customer friends, at any time to visit the factory and learn more equipment selection scheme. GK provides special equipment for kaolin grinding production line with high powder yield. The new type of super-fine vertical grinding mill is a professional equipment for increasing production and income of kaolin grinding project.


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