Semi-coke, also known as Ferroalloy coke or Ferroalloy reducer or alloy reducer, is a product of coal modification. It is a light black block porous body formed by drying, degassing, softening, melting, flow, expansion and solidification of weakly cohesive coal below 750℃. It has the advantages of weak explosion, wear resistance, compression resistance and low price. It can well replace part of coal and has wear-resistant characteristics. So, what kind of mill do you need to choose if you want to grind semi-coke?





Introduction of a pulverizer producing 27 tons of Semi-coke per hour


Due to the characteristics of Semi-coke, Raymond Mill (pendulum grinding mill), vertical roller mill, super-fine vertical grinding mill and ultrafine mill produced by Guikuang can grind it. Considering the energy loss during grinding and the replacement of vulnerable parts, we recommend you to use GKLM vertical mill, which can meet the demand of 27 tons of Semi-coke.




27 tons per hour Model: GKLM 2000 Vertical Roller Mill


Feed particle size: for Semi-coke, it is difficult to grind, and the feed particle size is less than 30mm


Product granularity: 200 mesh, which can be adjusted according to customer needs




Professional Semi-coke vertical roller mill, with high-quality particle shape


It is a pulverizer that can produce 27 tons of Semi-coke and a vertical mill with 200 mesh of finished products. Molan charcoal has the following multiple advantages:


The Semi-coke vertical mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading and transportation. The system has less equipment and simple process flow, which greatly helps enterprises reduce the comprehensive investment cost.


GKLM vertical roller mill can not only grind Semi-coke, but also can be used for multiple purposes. It is suitable for a variety of materials to meet different grinding needs of customers.


GKLM vertical mill operates under full negative pressure to reduce pollution. At the same time, there is a pulse dust removal system to basically realize a dust-free workshop.


The fine powder produced by grinding Semi-coke has uniform particle size distribution, reduces repeated grinding, stable product quality, uniform particle shape, firm particle size distribution and good fluidity.

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