Lime is a product of deep processing of limestone, and its main component is calcium oxide. Lime, also called quicklime, is obtained by calcining limestone at high temperature. Lime particle crusher is the equipment for producing lime powder. Guikuang Machinery’s GK series new Lime Raymond mill is recommended as the ultra-fine lime crusher mill.

Lime is a product produced by calcining limestone in lime kiln, which is generally in block shape. Lime has many functions, such as building materials, sewage treatment, pesticides and fertilizers, breeding fungicides, food desiccants, sugar decolorizing agents, etc. Lime particle crusher is a special grinding equipment for producing lime powder. Guikuang Machinery’s GK series Lime Raymond mill have many models, stable performance, long service life, easy maintenance and environmental protection. They are wear-resistant, durable, energy-saving and environment-friendly lime grinding mill. It can process 200 mesh or 325 mesh lime powder products of common specifications, with the minimum output of 1 ton to 30 tons per hour.

The complete production line of GK’s Lime Granule Crusher Lime Ultrafine Mill includes: elevator (bucket or chain type), feeder (such as spiral feeding, belt feeding, etc.), grinding host (integral casting base), classifier (large turbine type classification), dust remover (cyclone bag type dust remover or pulse dust remover), blower (imported or domestic big brand), finished product collection (finished product tank or packaging machine) Electric control cabinet (PLC automatic control), etc.

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