In industrial grinding mill machine, Raymond mill and high pressure grinding mill are most used ones. Raymond Mill has great fame in the past years. Even in modern days, people would rather to search Raymond mill instead of high pressure grinding mill. High Pressure Grinding Mill is optimized at the basic of Raymond mill, which increases capacity at the same time of decrease output size. Then which type price is more economic in the two grinding mill machines?

After ameliorating, the price of high pressure grinding mill is increased indeed. After all, more technologies are adopted. However, things are different in practical application. When choose a grinding mill machine, we should consider about our production requirements. When the requirements are confirmed, the selection of Raymond mill and high pressure grinding mill are different. Due to the specification improvement, high pressure grinding mill can has the approximate standard as a larger Raymond mill. We should know: the larger a machine is, the higher price is, which is to say the actual cost are almost same.

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