Silica sand is not common see in daily life, but it is widely used in industry, especially in silica sand powder grinding.

Just for grinding silica powder, there are several grinding mill machine. If you have touched grinding mill before, you must have heard Raymond Mill. And yes, Raymond mill can be used for silica sand grinding. Raymond mill has three series types: 3R, 4R and 5R, which represents the number of grinding rollers respectively. It is very models with different specifications that form a whole set Raymond mill with wide range of capacity, output size etc.

However, Raymond mill is not omnipotent, and it has limitation of capacity and output size. Its largest capacity is 9 tons per hour while the superfine output size is 325 meshes. If the produce requirements exceed the limitation, you have better consider Vertial Mill, an update-type Raymond mill, which amplifies maximum capacity to the level of 22 tons per hour while shortens output size to 1000 meshes. Thus vertial grinding mill is more efficient and superfine. In current grinding mill machine, vertial grinding mill play a role of auxiliary and complementary machine for Raymond mill.

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