Can lithium slag be used in slag grinding? The answer is yes. Lithium slag has a certain pozzolanic activity, but the activity of lithium slag raw slag is very low, and it needs to be mechanically ground to improve its activity. As a lithium slag grinding mill manufacturer, Guikuang Machinery, our GKLM series lithium slag vertical roller mill have been widely used in lithium slag powder production projects. The following introduces the process flow of lithium slag vertical roller mill for powder production.

Can lithium slag be used in slag grinding? my country is the country with the largest reserves of spodumene concentrate in the world. The concentrated sulfuric acid-calcium carbonate method is mainly used to extract lithium carbonate, while lithium slag is a by-product of the sulfuric acid method to prepare lithium carbonate. After spodumene is calcined at a high temperature of 1200C, it is calcined by adding concentrated sulfuric acid. After sufficient reaction, the acidified material after acidification is added with clean water and washing water, and the residual acid is neutralized with single fly powder (CaCO3) to obtain a slurry. The leaching solution obtained by stirring and leaching the slurry is processed in the next step, and the rest is the leaching slag lithium slag. The appearance of lithium slag is yellowish white, the specific gravity is 2.4~2.5g/cm3, there is no water hardness, and it contains a certain amount of water under natural drying, has a large adsorption capacity for water. Its chemical composition is similar to clay, mainly silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, calcium oxide and a small amount of sulfur trioxide. , but its activity is very low. In order to improve its activity and better use it in building materials, the fineness of lithium slag is usually increased by mechanical grinding, its specific surface area is increased, and the lithium slag raw slag (specific surface of raw slag: 400m2/kg) is mainly destroyed. Mainly block and flake-like and a small amount of needle-like and rod-like morphologies. After the lithium slag is ground, the large block particles and flake particles in the lithium slag are fully broken, which increases the contact area between the lithium slag and the alkaline solution, reduces the resistance between the solution and the lithium slag particles, and improves the lithium slag. Hydration rate. Therefore, it is necessary to mechanically grind lithium slag to improve its activity. At present, in the lithium slag powder grinding process, a ball mill is used, and the grinding efficiency and output are low, and the energy consumption is high. With the rapid development of society, in the lithium slag recycling technology, how to effectively improve the utilization rate of resources, save energy and reduce consumption has also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, vertical grinding of lithium slag powder has become an ideal process for the production of lithium slag powder because it can fully utilize resources and reduce energy consumption.

vertical roller mill lithium slag powder production process: The lithium slag stored in the lithium slag storage workshop is sent to the lithium slag silo by a crane, transported by a conveyor into the lithium slag main batching warehouse, and sent to another conveyor through a quantitative feeder Then it is transported by the screw conveyor into the vertical roller mill for direct grinding, and the qualified lithium slag micropowder and the unqualified lithium slag powder are obtained. The return material is sent to the upper part of the vertical roller mill by the elevator, and is sent to the other feed port of the vertical roller mill above the entrance of the screw conveyor into the vertical roller mill for grinding again. The advantages of the vertical roller mill lithium slag powder production process are: (1) During the lithium slag grinding process using the vertical roller mill, the qualified lithium slag fine powder and the unqualified lithium slag powder can be obtained by controlling the appropriate grinding roller pressure and internal parameters. Grinding and returning the material; and sending the grinding material back to the vertical roller mill as soon as possible for closed-circuit circulation to achieve full utilization of resources; (2) The output of lithium slag powder is high, and the specific surface area of lithium slag powder is 420-460m2/kg, which fully meets the national requirements. standard. The power consumption of a single product: the lithium slag powder reaches about 28kwh/ton, and the comprehensive power consumption of the lithium slag powder reaches about 40kwh/ton.

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