Introduction of new Raymond Mill


1、Adjustable fineness


The new Raymond mill equipment is an ideal mill. Its grinding fineness is between 80-400 mesh, easy to control, self-adjusting fineness, faster.


2、There are many grindable materials


The Raymond mill is an upgraded product of traditional mill. It can grind a variety of materials, not only is the special grinding machine for limestone, but also can grind marble, barite, dolomite, talc, fluorite and many other ores.


3、Low noise


Compared with other mills, the equipment is full negative pressure production, low noise, good environmental protection effect, has been loved by customers.


4、Good dust collector


In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection production,Our team concentrates on R & D, adopts the patented process pulse dust collector, and achieves 99% dust collection efficiency, which is more convenient.


5、Easier maintenance


Maintenance is an important step for large mill equipment. GK’s new Raymond mill equipment maintenance is very simple, no need to remove the grinding roller to replace the grinding ring, saving time and trouble for customers.


6、Stable operation, more ideal


In order to improve the stability, our Raymond mill adopts plum blossom frame and longitudinal pendulum roller device, which has advanced structure and more stable operation.

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