Pyrophyllite is a kind of clay mineral, and its application market is high. It has been widely used in refractory, ceramic, rubber, papermaking and other industries. Among them, the glass fiber industry is also one of the main uses of pyrophyllite. It grinds 325 mesh pyrophyllite powder and becomes one of the important raw materials in glass fiber industry.


Production and processing technology of pyrophyllite powder equipment for 325 mesh glass fiber


Introduction of pyrophyllite powder grinding mill equipment for glass fiber


Vertical roller mill is also a professional mill equipment of pyrophyllite, and the investment cost of the whole mill is low. It adopts PLC full-automatic control, easy to control, easy to maintain, easy to maintain, high single powder rate, low energy consumption of 40% – 50%, it is a professional grinding machine for pyrophyllite powder.


Introduction of processing technology


The technological process of pyrophyllite mill mainly includes crushing, grinding, grading and collecting:


Crushing: crusher crushing raw ore, need to meet the feed particle size.


Grinding: the material is grinded on the roller table, which is continuously extruded, ground and sheared to crush.


Classification: the crushed materials are classified at the classifier.


Collecting powder: the qualified powder is collected into finished products by the collector, and the unqualified powder will fall into the host again for grinding.

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