As we all know, 150 mesh talc powder is widely used in many field. With the further development of industry, demand for talc powder is increasing. According to this market trend, GuiLin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. launched GK Heavy type Trapezium Mill, an upgraded product of Raymond Mill.


The advantage of GK Heavy type Trapezium Mill:



1.Bevel gear overall drive. Transmission chain is less but transmission ratio is accurate. Energy consumption is reduced by 20-30%.

2.This machine adopts internal thin oil lubrication system to get better lubrication effect. The oil exchange cycle is long and it is easy to maintain.

3.This machine adopts new hanging type cage classifier, which can improve classifying efficiency effectively. There is frequency conversion control and the output size of final products can be regulatable.

4.There are 7 core patents and it adopts new German technology. GK Heavy type Trapezium Mill has been high-quality products because of high efficiency and low running costs.

5.This machine has got environmental protection certification in industrial products, and it can meet the demand of environmental protection.

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