Author:guikuang                                                                                                 Release date: 2019-03-07
Guikuang is a professional mill manufacturer and supplier. For the grinding of 200 mesh bauxite powders, a Raymond mill is professional pulverizing equipment, Guikuang can tailor-made grinding equipment according to customer demand. After many investigations and visits in the market, the customer was very satisfied with Guikuang’s solid product quality and perfect after-sales service, and signed a win-win cooperation agreement to supply the situation. This article will tell you about the technological characteristics and milling price of the 200 mesh bauxite powder Raymond mill.

1. Guikuang mine: always to think of customers.

As a professional grinding equipment manufacturer,Guikuang has always set up offices and service centers in all parts of the country in order to help more powder customers operate normally and solve their worries. The mode of service and efficiency, provide equipment support and follow-up guarantee for every enterprise. In metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, industrial solid waste, thermal power plant and other fields, Guikuang series grinding mill has shown great advantages and characteristics, not only large capacity, low energy consumption, but also energy saving and environmental protection, is an ideal powder production line for different powder customers, creating greater profits and value.

2. Processing technology and characteristics of 200 mesh bauxite powder Raymond Mill

Processing bauxite, Raymond mill can be said to be a new type of environmental protection grinding equipment, it can process 80-600 mesh powder, covering a number of patented technologies, greater capacity, lower energy consumption, compared with the same power R-type mill, capacity can be increased more than 40%, unit power cost can be saved more than 30%, the entire equipment is mainly consist of main frame, classifier, blower, pipeline device, hopper, electric control system and collection system. Pulse dust collector is equipped on the residual air outlet of the mill, which can improve the dust collection efficiency as high as 99%. It realizes dust-free processing and the workshop is clean and tidy. It is praised and loved by all old and new customers.

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