In recent years, with the rapid development of lithium power batteries, the lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide at home and abroad has soared, and the production scale of lithium salt has expanded rapidly in recent years. Due to the complicated production expansion procedures of lithium battery enterprises, the production scale has been restricted, leading to the soaring price of lithium carbonate , and the demand exceeds the supply. Many insightful investors began to buy imported raw spodumene ores, built factorie for rough processing and production, and then sold them to spodumene fine processing enterprises, with considerable investment income. So, what equipment is used for spodumene rough processing? The rough processing of spodumene is mainly to grind raw spodumene ore or calcined materials into spodumene powder by vertical grinding of spodumene. Guikuang Machinery, as the manufacturer of spodumene vertical roller mill, will introduce the production process of spodumene powder as follows:

At present, there are two main lithium extraction processes in the industry: lithium extraction from salt lakes and lithium extraction from ores. With the maturity of lithium extraction technology from ore, spodumene sulfuric acid process is widely used. At present, the front process of sulfuric acid process mainly includes spodumene roasting, screening and milling. Transformation roasting, acid roasting and lithium sulfate leaching of spodumene are the key steps for lithium extraction by sulfuric acid method. In the transformation roasting process of spodumene, due to the huge roasting rotary kiln equipment and uneven temperature distribution in local areas, spodumene is easy to be sintered into blocks of different sizes. In order to improve the uniformity of acid mixing and leaching effect during acid roasting, spodumene and bulk materials after roasting need to be broken, and then further ground to fine particles (particle size<0.074mm). The grinding process of calcined materials is also a key step of the sulfuric acid process.

Production process of spodumene powder: At present, the grinding equipment of spodumene calcine material produced by sulfuric acid method is mainly spodumene vertical roller mill. Spodumene vertical roller mill is a spodumene grinding mill equipment integrating fine crushing, grinding, powder selection and transportation. It is widely used for grinding and superfine grinding of various solid materials in cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic ore and other industries. The grinding process of vertical roller mill is completed by a set of grinding device (i.e. grinding roller and grinding disc), and the calcined materials are ground into powder between the grinding roller and grinding disc. The movement of the grinding device is driven by the grinding disc rotating and the grinding roller driving accordingly. In addition to the self weight of the grinding roller, the grinding pressure mainly depends on a set of hydraulic vertical roller mill device to pressurize the materials of the grinding disc. There is a large amount of coarse powder in the material after grinding. The powder is selected by the powder concentrator. The powder selection process of the powder is air flow separation. During the air flow process, most of the coarse powder automatically falls on the grinding plate, receives and grinds again. The rest is selected as finished products by the powder concentrator, and is sent to the fine powder bin through the dust collection and transportation system.

Guikuang Machinery is a manufacturer of spodumene vertical roller mill. Our GKLM series spodumene vertical roller mill have been widely used in the market, and can grind raw spodumene ores, calcines, acidifiers, etc. The grinding fineness is 80-600 meshes adjustable, and the output is 5-100t/h. It can meet the production needs of spodumene rough processing enterprises of different scales.

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