Introduction of advantages of Raymond Mill


The new generation of Raymond mill machine is a new type of environmental protection and energy saving ceramic grinding machine with high efficiency, large capacity and low energy consumption. The Raymond mill equipment has a number of patented technology, good technology, stable performance, cost-effective, and covers a small area. Compared with the traditional grinder, it can increase the output by more than 40%. It is a new generation of grinder with high efficiency, saving cost, generating income and increasing production.




The following are the advantages of the grinding mill:


Reliable performance

The equipment has plum blossom stand and longitudinal pendulum roller grinding device, so the performance is more reliable, the vibration is small and the noise is low.




Good environmental protection

Due to the use of pulse dust collector, the dust collection rate is very high, with 99%, which can realize dust-free processing.




Increase production

Capacity growth of more than 40%, high efficiency, and power consumption cost saving of 30%, ideal energy saving.




Easier maintenance

The equipment is easy to maintain and ideal because it is not necessary to remove the grinding roller.

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