In recent years, the use of coal gangue or special mining of coal-measure kaolinite to produce ultra-fine calcined kaolin for papermaking has become an investment hotspot, which deserves attention. Guikuang is a coal gangue grinding mill manufacturer. The coal gangue grinding mill we produce has been widely used and has a good reputation in the coal gangue paper industry. Next is an introduction to how to make paper from coal gangue.

Limestone with coal gangue, tailing slag, etc. as raw materials is crushed, screened and ground to form ultra-fine modified mineral powder, calcined into quicklime with a calcium content of more than 57%, and then ground into nano-scale ultra-fine whitening stone powder. 20% of specific PE, PP and other additives are processed by special processes such as cast stretching and three-layer co-extrusion, and then blow molding to form stone paper.

“The scientific name of this paper is ‘environmentally friendly synthetic paper’, its raw material is limestone, and the stone content in the paper is 70% to 80%.” The characteristics of stone paper give it special properties. The eco-friendly stone carton box made of this kind of paper has particularly high compressive strength, folding resistance, waterproof and one-piece molding. The data shows that compared with ordinary corrugated cardboard, the high polymer calcium board synthesized by this stone has a maximum burst strength of 264KPa and double the edge compressive strength. Moreover, it will not be deformed or damaged in the environment of minus 40 degrees Celsius to plus 80 degrees Celsius, especially suitable for the transshipment packaging of fruits, vegetables, frozen seafood, etc.

The biggest feature of stone paper is environmental protection. Since the entire production process is a physical change, completely zero emissions are achieved. “In terms of water use, traditional papermaking consumes 100 tons of fresh water for every ton of paper produced, while the entire production process of stone paper production requires no water; in terms of raw materials, the main raw materials of traditional papermaking are forest and grass resources, while the stone paper production process requires no water. The main raw materials are coal gangue, slag and other stone materials. The most important thing is that the product can be recycled indefinitely, and the used carton can be directly crushed and reprocessed after recycling, which will not cause secondary pollution. Compared with the annual output of 120,000 tons of environmentally friendly paper Traditional papermaking can save 24 million cubic meters of freshwater resources every year; it can save 2.4 million wood trees every year, which is equivalent to planting 324,000 mu of trees.

Coal gangue papermaking is inseparable from the assistance of Coal gangue grinding mill equipment, coal gangue grinding mill produced by Guikuang. It can grind stone paper raw materials, the fineness can be adjusted from 80 to 2500 mesh, and the output can be selected according to the scale of investment.

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