Guikuang has accumulated a wealth of cases in the non-metallic ore grinding markets such as kaolin, limestone, barite and dolomite. Customers greatly appreciated the product quality and service provided by Guikuang. Not only the quality is the same, but also the after-sales service is more perfect. It responds to customer needs in time and provides more comprehensive and ideal product services, which has won the support and trust of public customer friends.





Kaolin superfine vertical grinding equipment used for grinding fine powder can increase production and generate income. The mill is a professional mill equipment to break through the bottleneck of ultra-fine powder processing capacity and realize the large-scale production of ultra-fine powder. It can replace imported mill equipment and is widely used in many markets, such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, power plant desulfurization, non-metallic ore pulverization, pulverized coal preparation and so on. And it has a scientific and reasonable design architecture to achieve high yield and efficiency.




Guikuang superfine powder large-scale production equipment —- GKLM series superfine vertical mill




{finished product output}: 1.2-40t/h




{product fineness}: 7-45μM with secondary classification up to 3μm




{application scope}: the mill can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, power plant desulfurization, non-metallic ore pulverization, pulverized coal preparation, rubber, coating, plastic, pigment, ink, building materials, medicine, food and other fields. The grinding effect is remarkable and is very popular.




{application materials}: it can carry out ultra-fine grinding and processing for non-metallic minerals such as calcium carbonate, barite, calcite, gypsum, slag powder, manganese ore and coal. The fineness of the product is easy to adjust and the operation is simple.




{grinding characteristics}: the mill has the advantages of high yield and efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, high classification efficiency, large fineness range of finished products, high degree of automation, high reliability, convenient maintenance and low operation cost. It is an equipment for large-scale production of ultra-fine powder.




Services provided by Guikuang


As a large-scale, large-scale and modern manufacturing enterprise, Guikuang not only has excellent product quality, breaks through limitations, realizes innovation, connects with the market, and realizes efficient and environmental protection production, but also remains customer-centered in after-sales service, and timely provides more detailed, warm and thoughtful localized product services, so as to solve customers’ worries and help the project increase production.

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