Heavy calcium carbonate, is made from natural carbonate minerals such as calcite, marble, limestone grinding process, it is widely used as inorganic filler.

According to different grinding fineness, heavy calcium powder is divided into four different specifications: solo powder (95% passing 200 mesh), Flying powder (99% passing 325 mesh), three fly powder (99.9% passing 325 mesh) and four fly powder (99.95% through 400 head), they are used for different industrial sectors.

8-10 tons 325 mesh heavy calcium powder production technology and equipment selection:

The first stage: Crushing

Natural carbonate minerals such as calcite, marble, limestone and other bulk materials through the crusher to be able to enter the mill feeding size (15mm-50mm)

The second stage: Grinding

Fine powder processing generally use Vertical Mill.Ultrafine powder processing generally use Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill and Micro Powder Mill.

The third stage: Classification

Grinding material through the separator to screening, unqualified powder will be returned to the grinding machine.

The fourth stage: Set Powder

Finished powder through the discharge port to finished product silos.

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