For limestone grinding, there are three main types: Raymond mill, vertical mill and micron powder mill.

Raymond Mill, or called Raymond grinding mill, is a grinding mill with most fame and favors. You may not hear about the other two grinding mills, but you may hear about Raymond mill. Raymond mill is suitable for low and medium capacity with the output size varies from 35 to 400 meshes.

Vertical Mill is the most used in reality grinding. It is ameliorated at the basic of Raymond mill, but extended in capacity and output size. It has the largest capacity, which is 10~20 tons per hour with the 800~3500 meshes output size.

Micro powder mill is the grinding mill machine with the superfine output size, which can be 2500 meshes. But its capacity is smallest, only 6500 kg per hour at most.

In total, different grinding mills has own advantages and disadvantages. When choose one, you should weigh the actual production demands.

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