Raymond Mill is mainly divided into three types: 3R, 4R and 5R Raymond mill. The figure indicates the number of inner grinding roller. As we all know, the grinding taking place main depends on the grinding rollers and grinding rings. More grinding roller which means more power and higher efficient.

Thus the largest difference between the three types Raymond mill can be presented at the capacity. The largest capacity of 5R Raymond mill can be 9 tons per hour, while 3R Raymond mill is only 3.7 tons per hour. 4R Raymond mill’s falls in between.

The second difference is the input size. The higher efficient can grind large size raw material. For example, the largest input size of 5R Raymond mill is 30 mm, while 3R’s is only 15 mm.

Besides, there are two main differences: motor power and overall dimension. And the formula is the more grinding rollers, the larger motor power and overall dimension. When choosing a Raymond mill, you should realistic produce requirements to select a suitable one.

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