The processing technology and equipment of natural gypsum are not completely suitable for desulfurized gypsum, which increases the difficulty of application. At present, desulfurization gypsum is only used in a few fields, such as low-tech building materials gypsum, cement additives, land-based natural vein materials, and has not yet formed an industrial scale. If it can be fully utilized to replace part of natural gypsum, it will not only save natural resources, but also make the solid waste of power plants recyclable. The production and application of desulfurized gypsum have great market opportunities. In the future, there may be a large amount of desulfurized gypsum to replace natural gypsum to produce building materials, especially in economically developed areas where natural gypsum is scarce and rich in desulfurized gypsum resources.

The main component of desulfurized gypsum is calcium sulfate dihydrate, which is an industrial by-product obtained by using lime-limestone to recover sulfur dioxide in coal-fired flue gas. The desulfurized gypsum is dried, calcined, aged, modified, etc. to dehydrate and decompose the dihydrate gypsum to remove 1.5 crystal water, and the product with β hemihydrate gypsum as the main component is obtained, which is the building gypsum powder. With the development and progress of the gypsum industry, the demand for gypsum powder in all walks of life is increasing, and the quality requirements are getting higher and higher, and the production and manufacturing process of gypsum powder is also constantly improving.

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