Vertical mill can turn waste into treasure


Coal gangue solid waste project, need to use professional grinding equipment to grinding processing. Our new generation vertical grinding machine is a grinding equipment focusing on the grinding production of solid waste residue project. It has the advantages of increasing production and reducing consumption, scientific principle, high grinding efficiency, small floor area, low noise, simple maintenance and more wear resistance. It is a special equipment for solid waste projects such as coal gangue, water slag and slag.





Its advantages are as follows:


Full negative pressure, more environmental protection.

Stable operation, reliable sealing, more ideal.

High production per unit and high grinding efficiency.

More intelligent, with PLC automatic control, remote control, more convenient.

It can be dried and ground while drying, and can be ventilated with hot air.

Low investment, less system equipment, small land occupation and low cost.

The finished product is of good quality, good particle type and full grain.



Introduction of process flow of coal gangue vertical roller mill


The process of coal gangue grinding mill generally includes crushing, grinding, grading and gathering. The raw ore is crushed by crusher. Under the pressure of grinding roller, the material is extruded, ground, sheared and crushed. In the grading stage, the material is blown up, the suspended material is dried, the fine powder is brought into the classifier for grading, and the qualified powder is collected to become the finished product.

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