The preparation process of fine aggregate is more complicated and strict. For the fine aggregate preparation process, We often recommend the three stage crushing process. First, the vibrating feeder feeds the raw materials into the primary crusher such as jaw crusher, and then conveys it to HPT multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher or single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for fine crushing. Aggregates that meet the size requirements can be shaped by sand making machine, and those that do not meet the requirements can be reprocessed by cone crusher again. Finally, sand making machine will do the final work and shape them, then the particle size meets the requirements will be output.

Both multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopt lamination crushing principle, which greatly increases the proportion of cubic aggregate. But the two have their own advantages. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts the optimized structure of fixed spindle and small spherical shaft, which can effectively improve the crushing efficiency. The advantage of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is automatic control system. It provides a variety of operation modes, such as manual control, constant discharge and constant outlet control, constant power control and so on. It is convenient for users to operate.

As a classic continuation of sand making machine adopts new four openings impeller design, which greatly improves the material throughput. The structure of impeller part has been optimized and adjusted, and the service life has been prolonged. In this design, the concept of humanization has been constantly interpreted in the equipment, such as lifting device can make maintenance convenient and fast.

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