At present, open-air mines at home and abroad are making continuous progress in process optimization and reducing production costs, especially in the application of various types of crushing stations, which have their own characteristics. The crushing stations in open-air mines are divided into mobile, semi-mobile, semi-fixed and fixed according to the fixed degree of crushing equipment and its foundation.

Mobile crushing station is generally integrated with feeding, crushing and conveying together. Crawler type or wheel type mobile crusher can makes the crushing station moved according to movement of working face. They take advantages of placing dump trucks, reducing procurement costs, transportation costs, spare parts costs, labor costs and maintenance of stope pavement;. besides, it is also very safe.

Semi-mobile crushing station is to place the crusher in an open-air stope at an appropriate working level. With the advancement of working steps, the crusher will be moved by crawler type vehicle or other traction equipment.

Semi-fixed crushing station is a transitional mode from semi-mobile crushing station to fixed crushing station. From the point of view of the connection with the ground, the crusher frame has a strong connection with the ground. From the point of view of the location, it is generally fixed on the fixed side of the stope to reduce frequency of displacement as much as possible and improve the service life. Semi-fixed crushing station has a solid foundation, so you can choose large scale crushing equipment in order to deal with big mines.

Stationary crushing station is usually located outside the stope boundary, not affected by the step advancing and deepening of the stope, and it has a solid connection with the ground. Its feeding mode is diversified. Stationary crushing station is generally in the crushing workshop, which is the same life as mine. But its biggest disadvantage is that the ore transportation distance is long, and it is not suitable for reasonable adjustment.

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