During the production and use of Raymond machine, the circulation air duct will be blocked. Here,Guikuang reminds everyone to stop the material in time and check the cause of blockage of the air duct. After the inspection, the material can be ground. Powder production. What are the reasons for the blockage of the air duct, the following is a brief introduction.

First, uneven feeding

Too much or too little material will cause the Raymond machine to be insufficiently ground. The finished powder can not be discharged in the circulation duct under the action of the blower in time, thus increasing the working load of the blower, causing the material to accumulate in the air duct, eventually leading to the air duct. Blocked. Therefore, when feeding the Raymond machine, ensure that the material is continuously and evenly distributed to avoid the phenomenon of air passage blockage.

Second, the bag filter can not work

The main dust collector of the bag filter increases the air volume in the circulating airflow, and at the same time removes the dust particles in the airflow, and purifies the increased exhaust air volume and discharges it outside the machine. When the bag filter cannot perform the dust removal operation normally, then there will be a large amount of dust particles. The material accumulates in the air duct, causing blockage of the air duct. Therefore, it is necessary to stop the inspection of the bag filter in time to ensure the normal operation of the bag filter.

Third, the fan power is insufficient

Insufficient power of the fan will result in insufficient air volume, and the material will flow normally in the air duct, which will also cause material accumulation.

Fourth, the blower

The material is transported along the bad air duct under the action of the blower. Therefore, the normal operation of the blower should be maintained. When the wind of the blower is too small to transmit the material, the rated power and voltage of the Raymond machine should be maintained during the overhaul. In order to ensure a stable and lasting work of the equipment.

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