The grinding of heavy calcium powder needs professional heavy calcium grinding mill equipment, and the grinding mill machine equipment used for fine powder and coarse powder is different.We are sufficient experience in producing 800 mesh heavy calcium grinding mill equipment, which can save comprehensive investment cost for customers from the source. We will customize the scheme for customers and provide scientific equipment quotation. Superfine grinding machine is the mainstream grinding machine equipment to meet the production of 800 mesh heavy calcium powder, which is favored and loved by the market.





Advantages of 800 mesh heavy calcium production equipment



(1) Grinding fineness: 325-2500 mesh




(2) Grinding materials: heavy calcium, limestone, calcite, dolomite, bentonite, etc.




(3) High capacity: high crushing ratio and high capacity.




(4) Fine classification: forced turbine classification, fine granularity, strong market competitiveness.




(5) Small wear & easy maintenance: special wear-resistant steel for grinding wheel and ring is developed, with long service life, easy maintenance and less worry.




(6) Advantages: less land occupation, low noise, complete set, wide use, easy maintenance, stable operation, high production capacity.

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