What manufacturer monopolizes 100 mesh Raymond mill equipment? Guikuang Machinery is an experienced manufacturer of mill equipment. We have the development vision of keeping pace with the times, innovative research and development of efficient and environmental protection of mineral grinding mill equipment. We produce marble, dolomite powder and so on. Guikuang Machinery new generation Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, ultra-fine mill, super-fine vertical grinding mill and other equipment have high powder capacity, high classification efficiency, energy saving and noise reduction.

Guikuang Machinery has been engaged in research for many years and has rich experience in machining and manufacturing. We have successfully produced Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, ultra-fine mill, super-fine vertical grinding mill and other equipment for the industry, contributing to the development of powder industry. There are many types of new environmental protection Raymond mill, including GK vertical pendulum grinding mill, Guikuang Machinery reinforced grinding mill, etc. all of them are environmentally friendly and energy-saving ore grinding equipment.


GK vertical pendulum grinding mill is a newly upgraded environmental protection Raymond mill equipment, covering a number of patented technologies, and its performance indicators have been greatly improved. The equipment can produce 80-400 mesh ore powder with uniform fineness, excellent particle shape and good product quality. It is widely used for grinding all kinds of non-metallic ores with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity less than 6%. It is used for grinding 100 mesh non-metallic ore powder, with twice the result with half the effort and higher powder capacity.


Guikuang Machinery reinforced grinding mill is an new-type environmental grinding mill equipment. It has a large conveying capacity and a large amount of shovel material. It adopts maintenance free grinding roller assembly and new plum blossom frame structure, which makes the operation of the equipment more reliable and the maintenance more convenient. It is a special equipment for grinding 100 mesh non-metallic mineral powder project.


How much does the grinding mill cost? As a manufacturer, Guikuang Machinery takes the customer as the center, and scientifically customizes the selection and configuration scheme according to the grinding requirements of each project, because the quotation of Raymond mill equipment is more scientific and reasonable.


Focusing on the grinding fineness, production capacity, equipment installation area and other information required by the project, Guikuang Machinery R & D team and solution team will scientifically customize exclusive selection and configuration scheme for customers and friends, and create considerable market value for each milling production line.


The new Raymond mill of Guikuang Machinery equipment, vertical roller mill, ultra-fine mill, super-fine vertical grinding mill and other equipment save energy and reduce consumption. It is an ideal ore powder processing grinding mill. 100 mesh Raymond mill equipment of GKMilling( Guikuang Machinery) is selected to grind 100 mesh ore powder, which has high pulverizing rate, noise reduction and environmental protection.

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