GKLM bauxite vertical roller mill is the equipment consulted by many customers. In fact, bauxite GKLM vertical mill is a bauxite grinding mill developed and produced by Guikuang. It has great advantages in ore grinding, solid output, materials and performance.






Introduction of bauxite GKLM vertical mill:


Feeding size:≤50mm




Product fineness:22—180μm(80—600目)








The crushing ratio of bauxite vertical mill is large. It has the advantages of stable operation, large crushing ratio, green environmental protection, low energy consumption and long service life. It can see bauxite GKLM vertical mill in construction, highway, cement, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, aluminum smelting industry, aluminum silicate refractory fiber and other industries.




The equipment performance advantages are as follows::


1.The design structure is compact, and each component is strictly screened. It adopts special wear-resistant materials, which can prolong the service life.




2.Strong drying ability, hot air can be used during grinding, and the drying ability is first-class. The maximum moisture content of the feed can reach 15%, which can meet the drying and grinding of materials with different humidity.




3.High grinding efficiency and low energy consumption. The energy consumption per unit time is 40% – 50% lower than that of ball mill.




4.High degree of automation, remote control, simple operation, convenient maintenance and labor cost reduction.

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