The complex production technology of titanium dioxide, high requirements for equipment and materials, and strict environmental protection in the production process make titanium dioxide in short supply. As a new substitute for the coating industry, ultrafine precipitated barium sulfate reduces the amount of titanium dioxide. Which equipment is suitable for grinding barium sulfate powder?

GKLMX superfine vertical roller mill

Application of superfine barium sulfate in coating industry

1.Used as extender pigment filler

The specific gravity, whiteness, oil absorption, refractive index, particle size and other performance indicators of ultra-fine barium sulfate are similar to those of titanium dioxide. Adding an appropriate amount of ultra-fine barium sulfate to titanium dioxide can effectively replace it and improve the gloss and weather resistance of the finished product. , acid and alkali resistance and other indicators.

2.Application in primer

Ultrafine barium sulfate has a larger surface ratio and better particle size distribution, and can be used in primers to make the product have better applicability and rheology.

3.Application in topcoat

Ultrafine barium sulfate has good gloss, small particle size and good weather resistance. It is used as a filler for topcoats to improve the fluidity, surface smoothness, hardness and color stability of the paint, and can play a long-term protective role.

4.Application in emulsion paint

Ultrafine barium sulfate is used in high gloss and mercerized turbulent paints as well as “acid proof” emulsion paints, and provides corrosion protection even when exposed to the atmosphere in industrial areas.

5.Application in wood and decorative paint

Ultrafine barium sulfate has the characteristics of small particle size and low absorption of light. It is used in wood and decorative paints. The products produced are used for wood decoration, with good gloss, chemical corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

6.Application in powder coating

Superfine barium sulfate has the characteristics of large filling amount, good brightness, good leveling, strong gloss retention, and good compatibility with all colorants. It is the most ideal filler for powder coatings.

What equipment is suitable for grinding barium sulfate powder??

As far as the purpose of grinding barium sulfate powder is concerned, there are two types of dry mills that can be used to grind barium sulfate powder: super-fine vertical mill and ultra-fine ring roller mill. The equipment selection suggestions are as follows:

1. Confirm the material type: judge the hardness and humidity of the material, and confirm whether it is within the processing range of the pulverizer. Generally, the super-fine vertical mill should be used within 15% of the humidity, and the ultra-fine ring roller mill should be used for dry milling within 6%. ;

2. Confirm the particle size of the finished product: The finished product range of the super-fine vertical roller mill is 3-45 microns (325-5000 mesh), and it can reach 3 μm after secondary classification. The finished product range of ultra-fine ring roller mill is 5-45 microns (325-2500 mesh), and the product fineness can reach D97≤5μm at one time. If the fineness is less than 325 mesh, it is recommended to use a Raymond mill, which reduces the purchase cost. .

3. Productivity: The super-fine vertical mill is intelligent and has a large capacity, with a single-machine output of 1-40t/h; while the ultra-fine ring roller mill has a slightly lower production capacity, with a single-machine output of 1-22t/h.

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