Silicon manganese slag can be used in mineral wool, glass ceramics, cement, concrete admixture, permeable brick and other materials.

1、Production of cement. Under the action of activator, the silicomanganese slag can react with water and produce cementitious property. It can be used as raw material and cement mixture to produce ordinary portland cement.

2、Concrete admixture. The mechanical properties of the concrete are better than that of the reference concrete, and the impermeability, frost resistance and dry shrinkage properties of the concrete are better than those of the reference concrete.

3、Processing ecological permeable brick, cement, sand, slag, fly ash and other environmental protection materials, high pressure forming. The effect of using silicon manganese slag to make ecological permeable brick is good.

4、Manufacturing manganese fertilizer, silicon fertilizer. It has the advantages of simple process, reliable technical route, less investment and quick effect to make manganese fertilizer from silicon manganese water slag.

5、Recovery process. The specific gravity difference between silicomanganese water slag and silicomanganese alloy is large, so the pure alloy and waste slag can be obtained. Finally, the concentrate and tailings can be dehydrated and recovered respectively through dewatering screen.

6、Preparation of glass ceramics with silicon manganese slag and carbon chromium slag. Glass ceramics is a new type of building materials, which has the duality of glass and ceramics. It is a new type of building materials developed by integrating glass and stone. It can promote the formation and melting of glass and can be used in the manufacture of glass ceramics.

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