Pyrophyllite is one of the raw materials for tank furnace wire drawing glass fiber production. After the introduction of technology in the 1990s, tank furnace wire drawing began to produce on a certain scale. With the digestion and mastery of imported equipment and process technology. Pyrophyllite is one of the main raw materials, and its processing process has attracted more and more attention. In short, the technological process of producing glass fiber from pyrophyllite is: coarse crushing of raw materials – weak magnetic iron removal – medium crushing – grinding – medium magnetic iron removal – controlled screening – secondary air flow homogenization. Among them, the grinding process is to improve the uniformity of chemical composition and mineral composition of mineral raw materials, reduce the melting temperature of raw materials, and ensure the change of liquid glass composition and the stability of wire drawing operation. Therefore, mineral raw materials must be micro powder. Pyrophyllite micro powder is generally processed to 325 mesh sieve residue < 1%, and no more than 2 particles are required. Many enterprises do not know how to choose pyrophyllite grinding mill equipment in the grinding process.








In terms of structure, the equipment belongs to disc fixed disc mill. The characteristic of pyrophyllite Raymond mill is that the air centrifugal classifier (analyzer) has a certain separation function for particles with different specific gravity and hardness, that is, the purity of fine-grained products after Raymond mill is higher than that of raw materials to a certain extent, which is of great significance to the fine grinding of pyrophyllite.




Raymond Mill of pyrophyllite mill of Guikuang also has many advantages, such as stable performance, convenient operation, low energy consumption, large adjustable range of product particle size and so on. In view of the disadvantages of vibration, high noise and large maintenance of most Raymond mills on the market, the 325 mesh pyrophyllite mill GK1700 pendulum mill has been technically improved, with Guikuang exclusive patent – unique swing mode, new structure plum blossom frame and vertical swing grinding roller device, and advanced and reasonable structure. The machine has very low vibration, low noise, stable operation and reliable performance. Important parts are made of thickened high-quality steel, and wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials. The whole machine has high wear-resistant performance and long service life. The maintenance free oil seal technology, spiral seal and skeleton oil seal multi-layer barrier structure are adopted to effectively prevent the entry of dust and maintain the normal working state of the grinding roller assembly. It only takes 500-800 hours for refueling and maintenance, which greatly reduces the equipment maintenance time.




In addition, if conditions permit, the waste heat of flue gas from boilers and kilns can be fully used to dry pyrophyllite powder, and the effect is ideal. The process is as follows: hot air is sent from the bottom of the mill through the fan, and the ground powder is suspended by air from the grinding chamber and passes through the air classifier set in the mill. The coarse-grained material is returned to the grinding chamber, and the fine powder is collected by the cyclone collector. The hot air comes out of the cyclone collector, passes through the fan and then returns to the bottom of the pulverizer, and part of it is discharged through the bag dust collector. In this way, the moisture of the processed product with a feed moisture content of 10% is close to zero. The particle size of the product is more than 80 mesh, up to 400 mesh.

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