Petroleum coke physical properties:

Petroleum coke, looks like a honeycomb, black or dark gray, irregular shape, accompanied by metallic luster, can be made into graphite, calcium carbide, etc. The main element of petroleum coke is carbon; according to different forms, it can be divided into needle coke, projectile coke or spherical coke, sponge coke and powder coke. As a fuel petroleum coke can replace heavy oil, it is a good way to apply new energy. What’s more, petroleum coke can be widely used in smelting, chemical, steel, cement, thermoelectric and many other fields.

Petroleum coke mill equipment:

The petroleum coke mill is a grinding mill equipment specially designed for the processing of petroleum coke. The petroleum coke mill can be divided into coarse grinding and fine grinding according to the processing fineness and the processing productivity of petroleum coke.

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