Milling equipment has played an increasingly important role in recent years. The market demand is changing, and the performance of milling equipment is also being improved. Advanced milling equipment is very important for the production industry and can be used for activated carbon milling.
There are many types of equipment, and the corresponding performance characteristics and model parameters are different. In fact, as long as the production needs are determined, the corresponding equipment and model can be seen at a glance.
Ultra-fine mill has advanced technology and perfect functions. The output fineness range is 325-2500 mesh. The production capacity is high. When the output reaches 500-25000 kg/h, the design of the grinding roller and other components is novel. The environmental protection effect is good. There are 3 models of ultrafine mill, and each model can meet the requirement of 200-material discharge.
The fineness of the finished product is 80-325 mesh, the output is 3-340 tons/hour, the output is even and fine, the screening rate reaches 99%, the pass rate of the finished product is high, it is widely used in the industry, and it can be controlled by the centralized control electrical system.
The production situation at the milling site is regulated, accurate and high-yield. The powder selection system has extremely high tightness and no dust spillage.

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