For different types of Raymond mills, the performance gap is due to structural differences, but the specific working principle is similar, and no matter what kind of material processing process, the working principle is unchanged , Here is to introduce the working principle of the machine.

All milling equipment can process smaller materials, so they need the assistance of crushing equipment. Raymond mill is no exception. For the production process of this machine, materials are processed by crushing equipment before adding to Grinding is carried out in the Raymond machine. The qualified materials are used as finished products, and the unqualified grinding is continued. This can ensure that the finished particles are uniform. This is the approximate process of the entire grinding production process. There are various models. When configuring the production line, one of the issues to be noted is the matching of models between different devices, so as to ensure the smooth progress of production.

The internal working principle of Raymond Mill is as follows: the crushed materials are continuously and uniformly fed into the grinding chamber of the host machine for grinding. The powder after grinding is carried away by the airflow of the fan and is classified by the analysis machine. The powder meeting the fineness enters into the large cyclone collector with the airflow through the pipeline for separation and collection, and then discharged through the powder pipe is the finished powder. If the fineness is unqualified, it needs to be pulverized until it is qualified.

In the interior of the Raymond mill, the grinding process of materials is mainly carried out in the host machine, which requires the assistance of multiple parts, such as the grinding roller blade, etc. The role of the blade is to shovel the material into the In the middle of the grinding roller grinding ring, the two then crush the material. These core parts are indispensable for the grinding process, so any possible faults need to be dealt with in time to ensure the performance of the Raymond mill.

The above mainly introduces how the Raymond mill works. For the analysis of this problem, the above introduction is more detailed. First, the work process of the entire production process is introduced, and then the Raymond mill is analyzed. The grinding principle inside the powder machine and the important parts needed in the grinding process. In the actual work process, the maintenance of these important parts is an important condition for ensuring the smooth operation of the Raymond machine.

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