Cone Crusher Lamination Crushing Principle

When the solid raw materials are under some certain pressure, pressure distortion will occur. And when the pressure reaches to a certain degree, the particles will breaks and cracks in the weakest place. The concept of lamination crushing is that the crushing of rocks not only occurs between particles and scale board but also between particles and particles.

In order to achieve lamination crushing, certain prerequisites must be met:

(1)Full feeding: only by full feeding can a certain number of material layers be formed and the lamination crushing effect can be realized. And when the number of crushing layers is 6-10, it will save energy and has high crushing output


(2) uniform feeding: uniform feeding will make the raw material stress distribution reasonable, and then make cone crusher work stable;

(3) uniform particle size: because when the geometric size of the material particle size is very different, the small material will protect the large material from being broken, that is, the fine particle protection phenomenon, so in order to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, the feeding particle size should be uniform;

(4) Filling degree: when the raw material filling rate is too small, there will be powdery particles,resulting in a certain amount of waste, thus reducing the effect of lamination crushing; When the filling rate is too large, the raw material is too tight and easy to agglomerate, which is not conducive to the crushing. Therefore, a series of tests show that the filling rate between 0.55 and 0.75 is the most favorable for the lamination crushing.

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