Dolomite is a carbonate mineral that divided into iron dolomite and manganese dolomite. Its crystal structure is calcite alike, generally in rhombohedral and can be ground into powder by Dolomite grinding mill. It will foam slowly when it meets cold dilute hydrochloric acid. Some dolomite glows orange-red under cathodic rays. Dolomite is the main mineral component of dolomite and dolomite limestone. Dolomite crystals are trigonal carbonate minerals, pure one in white; gray when containing iron; brown after weathering, with glass luster, and is the main mineral that composes dolomite.

The Usages of Dolomite

Dolomite can be used in building materials, ceramics, glass and refractory materials, chemical industry, agriculture, environmental protection, energy saving and other industries. It is mainly used as a flux for alkaline refractories and blast furnace ironmaking; for the production of calcium-magnesium-phosphorus fertilizers and for the production of magnesium sulfate; and as an ingredient for glass and ceramics. Besies, it can be added into the tire glaze as a flux.

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