What Is Carbon Black

Carbon black is composed of fine particles consisting mainly of carbon. Various features of carbon black are controlled in production by partially combusting oil or gases.

Carbon Black Uses

1. Rubber reinforcement

Carbon black is a rubber-reinforcing additive used in a multitude of rubber products.

In particular, in case of vehicles, large amounts of carbon black are used for tires.

In addition, carbon black is used with rubber to dampen earthquake vibration, in the soles of shoes and in many other products.

2. Colors and pigments for plastics

Compared with other colorants, carbon black has a high coloring power.

Therefore. it is used as ink for printing newspapers, as ink-jet toner, and other such uses.

It is also suitable as a pigment for heat-molded plastics, car fenders, coating for electric wires and other products.

3. Electric equipment and conductive components

Since carbon black has excellent conductive properties, it is used as a component for magnetic tapes and semiconductors.

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