GKLM super-fine vertical grinding mill has 1000, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700, 1900, 2200, 2400 and other models according to the nominal diameter of the grinding disc. It can accept the moisture content of raw materials ≤ 5% and the fineness of finished products is 7-45 μ M (325-2000 mesh), the fineness can reach 3 microns (about 5000 mesh) after secondary classification.





Can the Super-fine Vertical Mill meet the pulverizing needs of the ceramic industry?


GKLM super-fine vertical grinding mill can grind calcite, diabase, calcium carbonate, slag, steel slag, water slag, bentonite, limestone, kaolin and other materials with Mohs hardness below grade 7 and humidity of 6%.




Calcite, diabase and calcium carbonate are the main raw materials for powder making in the ceramic industry. They usually grind the fineness of powder between 400-1250 mesh, and GKLM super-fine vertical grinding mill can fully meet the fineness requirements. At the same time, its configuration won the patented pulse dust removal system for easy dust removal. The grinding curve of roll sleeve and lining plate specially designed for ultra-fine powder grinding makes it easier to form a material layer, has high grinding efficiency, reduces repeated grinding, has less iron content and high whiteness and purity of finished products, which can fully meet the powder making needs of the ceramic industry.

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