Spodumene powder is a rare mineral powder. In recent years, due to the continuous prominence of chemical materials and the increasing demand for batteries and semiconductors, spodumene powder, as the raw material of lithium chemicals, can be called “industrial monosodium glutamate”. It can be widely used in lithium chemical, glass and ceramic industries. Spodumene grinding machine is a sharp tool for the production of spodumene powder, which helps spodumene to obtain a wider range of applications.

Spodumene grinding mill machine is mainly used for lithium pyroxene grinding, which can easily deal with ore grinding with hardness below Mohs hardness level 7. It occupies a small area and saves 30% – 50% of energy consumption compared with ordinary mills and ball mills. The main types are pendulum Raymond mill and vertical mill.

I. How to choose for lithium pyroxene mill?

1. The spodumene pendulum Raymond mill produced by Guikuang has reliable operation, convenient maintenance, advanced and reasonable design structure and layout. It adopts unique wear-resistant alloy material technology, high load collision rolling condition, and its service life is nearly three times that of the industry standard. Customers who have used it constantly praise its production capacity and operation.

New type of mineral powder grinding equipment in Guikuang: GK vertical pendulum grinding mill

{No. Of Roller}:3-5 rollers

{Product capacity}:1-25t/h

{Product fineness}:22-180μm

2. The comprehensive investment cost of spodumene vertical mill is low. One equipment is equivalent to the whole production line, integrating crushing, drying, grinding, grading and transportation. It has compact structure layout, can be arranged in the open air, low construction cost and directly reduce the investment cost of enterprises. The whole system is sealed and operates under full negative pressure without dust overflow, which effectively improves the competitive strength of the enterprise.

Guikuang milling equipment- GKLM vertical roller mill


[Product fineness]:22-180μm

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