As the natural resources reduces and the fight against illegal sand mining strengthens, finding effective ways to solve the problem of material sources has become a major problem. When the infrastructure construction develops rapidly, the demand for aggregates increases sharply, and the construction waste increases day by day.

In this context, people began to study recycled aggregates. That is to say, the construction waste is broken, cleaned, classified and processed into new materials for other applications. This not only solves the problem of aggregate source, but also disposes of construction waste reasonably. It is a win-win situation. Therefore, the construction waste reprocessing is a new trend in the development of sand and gravel enterprises. Only by following the trend can we take the opportunity.

Under the background of transformation and upgrading of sand and aggregate industry, small-scale manufacturers will be eliminated. Only enterprises with innovative technology can win in the market. Nowadays, construction waste treatment has become a good method, and the processing of new building materials will help enterprises to achieve transformation.

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