Activated clay, also known as activated bleaching earth, is an adsorbent made of clay (bentonite, sepiolite, attapulgite, etc.) as raw materials, treated with inorganic acidification or salt treatment, and then rinsed with water and dried. Guikuang is a manufacturer of activated clay grinding mill. The activated clay grinding mill developed and produced by Guikuang have been widely used in activated clay production lines and have a good reputation. The following is the industry status of activated clay and Market demand analysis.

Activated clay has a microporous structure, and the appearance is a porous white-off-white powder, which is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. As an adsorbent, activated clay has good adsorption, decolorization and filtration properties, and is widely used in food, environmental protection, chemical industry, medicine, cosmetics, petroleum, papermaking and other fields.

The activated clay market is relatively fragmented, with a large number of low-tech and small-scale enterprises in the industry.

With the advancement of science and technology and the release of demand, activated clay resources have gradually attracted the attention of countries around the world. From the perspective of production capacity distribution, activated clay production capacity is highly concentrated, mainly distributed in the United States, Spain, Mexico and other European and American regions, of which the United States is the world’s largest activated clay. The production of white clay accounts for about 60% of the global output.

Activated clay has excellent adsorption, filtration and decolorization performance, and has a wide range of downstream applications. The market demand continues to remain strong, and the industry has a broad space for development in the future. In recent years, under the background of stricter environmental protection, the competition in the activated clay market has become increasingly intensified. In order to compete for the high-end market, deep processing technology reserves and new product research and development have become the focus of competition in the field of activated clay.

An important part of the production of activated clay is grinding. As a manufacturer of activated clay grinding mill, Guikuang has rich customer cases and production experience of activated clay grinding mill. If you want to know more about activated clay production equipment and the process information of activated clay pulverizer, please contact the Guikuang’s team for details.

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