Among the grinding mill machines, Raymond Mill is the most popular and widely used grinding mill. It is favored for its stable performance, high final product ratio, and environmental protection. However, with the increasingly produce requirements, Raymond mill cannot meet some further demands.

For example, the minimum output size of Raymond mill is only 325 meshes. Once the requirement output surpasses 325 meshes, Raymond mill is no longer suitable. Thus designers produce a new type Raymond mill –New Grinding Mill, who is optimized at the basic of Raymond mill but select its essence and dross. This grinding mill has larger capacity and finer output size. After optimization, the capacity is changed from 9 to 22 tons per hour, while the output size is changed from 325 meshes to 425 meshes.

Besides the two optimizations, new grinding mill also improve Raymond mill’s function and performance in the working, such as working even in the wear condition can be identical as before. New type Raymond mill has more advantages, so it has replaced Raymond mill in most grinding plant.

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