Several days ago, one customer of Saudi Arabia are searching the “barite grinding mill” and landing our website. And he asked me to introduce a suitable barite grinding mill machine for him.

There are several grinding mill machines can be used for grinding barite. For example, the most famous but traditional Raymond Mill, the optimized High Pressure Grinding Mill at the basic of Raymond mill, and the micro powder grinding mill. Then which one is best suitable, which depends on the requirements you need.

These three types have different specifications and they are used for various produce. Raymond mill is used for grinding material into 30-325 meshes at the capacity of 0.15-9 tons per hour. High pressure grinding mill has larger grinding ratio than Raymond mill, and it can grind material into 30-425 meshes at the capacity of 0.3-22 tons per hour. Micro powder grinding mill is the super fine grinding mill, its output can reach 2500 meshes, which is 0.005 mm. But its capacity is small, only varies from 0.35 to 6.5 tons per hour. One can select the suitable according to his requirements.

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