Activated clay is a kind of chemical product, which is made from bentonite by acidification. At present, it is mainly used in the refining of mineral oils such as lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, transformer oil and vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil, etc., with a wide range of applications. Although there are great differences in the production technology of activated clay in overworld and in various manufacturers, their processing procedures are much the same, both of which are to break the bentonite into a certain particle size and then acidified Washing, dehydration, drying, milling and other processes are processed, but the methods and technologies adopted in each process are different. How to choose industrial clay grinding mill?

Industrial clay grinding mill mainly include activated clay Raymond mill, high-pressure suspension roller mill, high-pressure micro powder mill, centrifugal mill, overpressure trapezoidal mill and other equipment. Among them, it is common to use active clay Raymond to grind clay. After drying, the activated clay with a water content of about 8% can be ground into a 200 mesh sieve by Raymond mill or ultra-fine grinding mill and passed through more than 90%. GKLM series activated clay vertical roller mill, GKC series activated clay Raymond mill and GKH series activated clay ultrafine mill produced by Guikuang Machinery are all industrial clay grinding mill favored by the market. Among them, GKLM series vertical roller mill is mainly applicable to the processing of activated clay raw material bentonite, which can process 80-600 mesh bentonite powder, with high capacity and low energy consumption; GKC series activated clay Raymond grinds activated clay with a processing fineness of 80-400 mesh. The product fineness has a high screening rate, which can meet the processing requirements of granular activated clay. Active clay superfine grinding machine is mainly applicable to the processing of 325-2500 mesh superfine powder.

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