To understand how many objects Raymond mill can get, we must first understand the working principle of Raymond mill. Raymond mill is different from vertical mill and ring roller mill. Most Raymond mills in the market use internal spring plum blossom frame with multiple evenly distributed grinding rollers. The grinding roller makes a circular motion around the central axis. The grinding ring of Raymond mill is its side wall and is fixed. The materials lifted by the bottom blade are sent between the grinding roller and the side wall grinding ring for grinding.





Guikuang improved the production process of Raymond mill and designed the vertical pendulum Raymond mill. The materials are crushed into qualified particle size by jaw crusher and lifted to storage hopper by dustpan elevator. Then it is quantitatively sent to the main machine cavity by the feeder for grinding, and the main machine cavity is supported on the plum blossom frame, and the grinding roller device rotates around the central axis. The grinding roller swings horizontally outward under the action of centrifugal force, so that the grinding roller presses the grinding ring, and the grinding roller rotates around the grinding roller shaft at the same time. The material lifted by the rotating blade is thrown between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to achieve the function of crushing and grinding due to the roller grinding of the grinding roller.




The vertical pendulum Raymond mill of Guikuang has increased its production capacity by 30% – 40% through its unique swing mode. The processing capacity of materials in unit grinding time is larger, the efficiency is higher, and the sealed structural design makes the maintenance more convenient.




Raymond grinds to the finest mesh


How many meshes does Raymond Mill get? Compared with the traditional Raymond mill, the fineness of the Raymond Mill of GK is about 600 mesh, and the fineness of the finished product can be adjusted arbitrarily between 80-600 mesh. It is suitable for grinding limestone, calcite, talc, titanium dioxide, quartz and other materials, and has been widely praised by users.




GK new vertical pendulum Raymond mill has excellent design and excellent workmanship, which can protect the interests of users from the root, especially the performance advantage.

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