【Semi-coke vertical roller mill project】


The material that the customer needs to grind is blue charcoal, and the fineness is required to be 200 mesh. Lantan belongs to a kind of coal, which grinds pulverized coal. Guikuang company has special pulverized coal Vertical Pulverizer equipment for grinding. After in-depth communication and negotiation, the Guikuang team combined with the specific grinding requirements of customers and matched the vertical mill production line scheme for customers from a professional perspective, which is conducive to generating income and increasing production for the project.




After the preliminary program customization, equipment manufacturing, equipment installation and trial production, the whole grinding production line can be put into production immediately to create value for customers. At present, the production line has been put into operation. The project has stable operation, low noise and less dust emission. It is a special Semi-coke mill for environmental protection and energy saving, increasing production and income at the same time.




【Advantages of vertical roller mill of Semi-coke】


The project of GKLM vertical pulverizer is described above. What are the advantages and characteristics of this equipment? As a representative enterprise in the milling industry, Guikuang has been going deep into the market, market-oriented and enhancing its R & D and independent innovation capabilities. The new vertical mill we developed meets the grinding needs of many customers, such as environmental protection, energy saving, high yield and output increase. It has become a special mill favored by many industries, such as pulverized coal, solid waste residue, non-metallic ore, thermal power plant, cement plant and so on.





The advantages of this equipment are as follows:


1. Environmental protection


This is the obvious feature of vertical mill. It has low noise, less dust emission, full negative pressure operation and more environmental protection.


2. High output per unit


The vertical mill has high grinding efficiency, high powder yield and high output in single machine.


3. Low investment


The equipment has the advantages of crushing, milling, drying, grading and transportation, simple process, less civil construction cost, less floor area and less investment.


4. More intelligent


With PLC automatic control system, remote control and intelligent production.


5. Good grain shape


The finished product ground by vertical mill has good particle shape, good particle shape, high whiteness and purity.

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