The construction waste processing mill is mainly used to re optimize the waste resources after grinding the construction waste, and prepare sand and aggregate, which can create high value for the enterprise. In recent years, there is a shortage of sand and stone, and the sand price remains high. The recycled aggregate of construction waste has become a hot project. Investors have focused on the investment of waste processing mill.

Market value of construction waste after processing

According to the research, 100 million tons of construction waste = 24.3 billion standard bricks = 36 million tons of mixture = 10 million cubic meters of natural sand = 2.7 million tons of coal. It is equivalent to increasing the output value by 8.46 billion yuan, which undoubtedly creates huge economic benefits compared with simple stacking and landfill.

If the waste processing mill is used to convert the construction waste into aggregate, 1 ton of construction waste can produce 0.85 tons of recycled aggregate. The price of recycled aggregate is about 60% of that of natural sand and stone, which can effectively reduce the cost and improve the utilization rate of energy.

Which waste processing mill has high cost performance?

The construction waste grinding mill is mainly applicable to the processing of concrete construction waste. When considering the degree of environmental protection, whoever can master the productivity of environmental protection can increase his income.

GK construction waste vertical mill of Guikuang is a large-scale, intelligent and environment-friendly pulverizer. With a capacity of 1-200T / h, it can grind kaolin, bentonite, limestone, calcite, fluorite and other materials. The equipment has high reliability and operates under full negative pressure. It is equipped with pulse dust removal system, which basically realizes dust-free workshop and meets the needs of green production. At the same time, GK’s waste processing mill is an advanced equipment with high efficiency and energy saving, integrating crushing, drying, grinding, grading and transportation, which directly reduces the comprehensive investment cost of the enterprise.

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